What are Pre-Picks?

What are Pre-Picks?

Need to skip the eCard?  Pre-Pick orders are Sugarwishes that you send to your sweet recipients, but YOU get to choose what arrives at their door. 

With a Sugarwish Corporate Account, you can now send Pre-Picks from your Happiness Dashboard.  This means that you will skip our traditional eCard and instead choose for your recipient and have it shipped directly to a physical address.

How do I get started?

Great question!  Here’s a breakdown of the Pre-Pick ordering process:
  1. Begin by logging into your Sugarwish Corporate Account here: Sign In

    Don’t have a free Sugarwish Corporate Account? Sign up today!

  2. Click the “Order Pre-Picks” menu header at the top of the webpage, or click here: Choose a Pre-Pick!

  3. Once you have selected your preferred type of Sugarwish, enter the number of Pre-Picks you would like to purchase under “Quantities” and indicate if the box(es) will be delivered to one location, or to multiple locations

  4. Now for the best part: choose the sweet Sugarwish products that will arrive in your recipient’s box!  You will then be prompted to customize the printed box card, enter the physical address, and voila!  Your Sugarwish will be on the way shortly.
Questions?  Email us at support@sugarwish.com and our Happiness Squad will be glad to assist. 

Here's a helpful video detailing the process:

Where can I ship Pre-Picks?

We ship Pre-Pick Sugarwishes all over the globe!*  Click here to see our International Shipping options.

Shipping to the US is included in the price of the Sugarwish.  Want to view our shipping rates for international Sugarwishers?  Click here: Where can I Ship a Sugarwish Gift?

*All of our Sugarwish gifts except for Popcorn, Dog Treats, Wine Tastings, Wine, Cocktails, and Flowers can be shipped globally.

What’s the cost?

Here’s a price breakdown of our Pre-Pick sizes*, which can be found on your Corporate Account dashboard:

Mini (1-2 picks): $25
Small (2-4 picks): $35
Medium (3-6 picks): $46
Large (4-8 picks): $57
X-Large (6-12 picks): $79
Grand (6-12 choices, 24 total flavors): $129

*Some sizes are unavailable for particular gifts, such as the Deluxe and Grand.  Please refer to the sizing guide for your preferred gift here: Pre-Pick Sizing

Do you have volume discounts?

Great question!  We provide bulk discount prices according to total purchased units and whether the box(es) will be delivered to one location, or to multiple locations. Click the following links to view and enter a quantity to see our offered prices: 

Treat Sugarwishes:  CandyCookies, SnacksPopcornDog Treats
Lifestyle Sugarwishes: Flowers, Candles

Please click here to learn more about enterprise opportunities with Sugarwish.

Can I customize my box?

We offer plenty of unique branding opportunities!  Please click here to learn more about our Corporate Branding options to make your Sugarwish an unforgettable, unique experience.

Help! Can I cancel or change my Pre-Pick order? 

Our teams work very quickly to process all Pre-Pick orders so that they arrive to your sweet recipient's door as soon as possible.  Because of this, we may not be able to make any changes or cancel the order once it has been placed.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Pre-Pick order, please reach out to our Happiness Squad at support@sugarwish.com and we'll gladly assist. 

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