Branding Options

Branding Options

We offer numerous opportunities to add your brand to your Sugarwish gifts. View this video to see an overview of the options and how to order.

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    • Do you have seasonal and chocolate options?

      Yes, we sure do! We carry seasonal options throughout the year for everything from Valentine's Day to Easter, and Halloween to Christmas (and much more!). We also carry more chocolate options during the cooler months, when there is a smaller risk of ...
    • What are your payment options?

      You can pay with cards issued by any major credit card company, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or with PayPal.
    • Bulk and Volume Discounts

      Interested in a bulk or volume discount for orders over $10,000 or 1000 eCards? Please reach out to your dedicated account manager and they'll be happy to assist you with questions.  If you have a budget of $250,000 or more, and would like to discuss ...
    • How to upload a custom eCard & Printed Box Card

      Every Sugarwish is delivered with an eCard to be displayed electronically and each package contains a matching printed box card. The video below will walk you through the options and demonstrate the process of creating your own custom eCard and Box ...
    • Can I see the ingredients?

      Yes, you can see the ingredients for Sugarwish treats from these pages:  Candy - Cookies - Coffee & Tea - Popcorn - ...