What are WishLinks?

What are WishLinks?

Our innovative WishLinks empower our corporate customers to easily purchase links containing embedded gift codes in any quantity needed. Let's dive into the fantastic possibilities that WishLinks have to offer!

Bulk Purchase Made Easy

WishLinks allow you to make large-scale gift code purchases with ease. Simply select the desired quantity, and you can conveniently download a spreadsheet or CSV file containing all the codes. This streamlined process is perfect for handling extensive gifting campaigns efficiently.

Customize your gifting experience with "multi-use links." These links can be redeemed multiple times, according to your specifications. They are an ideal addition to your existing text and email campaigns.

Cost and Billing

To utilize WishLinks, only a non-refundable 10% of the purchase price of the gift is required upfront. The remaining charges are billed only as the codes are redeemed, allowing you to maintain full control over your gifting budget.

Video Walkthrough: A Step-by-Step Guide

For a seamless experience with WishLinks, we've prepared a helpful video walkthrough. Discover how to harness this powerful tool for your corporate gifting needs.

Ready to explore the potential of WishLinks? If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our expert Happiness Squad at support@sugarwish.com or reach out to your designated Gift Concierge. At Sugarwish, we're here to ensure your gifting endeavors are a resounding success. Happy gifting!

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