What if I don’t have their email address? Can I still send them a Sugarwish?

What if I don’t have their email address? Can I still send them a Sugarwish?

Yes, you can-dy! No matter how you like to interact, we have a gift that will work for you! When you send an eCard, you can choose the delivery method. That way you can send via Email, Messaging, or Print.

If you choose the Messaging option, we’ll give you a link that you can copy/paste into any message like a Text, Facebook, Snapchat, Slack, or more -- You get to send them the Sugarwish directly!

The Print option will give you a printer-friendly copy with instructions, so you can hand-deliver or mail the Sugarwish card. Your receiver will still get to choose their favorites.
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    • What happens if I put in the wrong email for delivery?

      Don’t worry! Just click 'Contact Us' and let us know which email needs to be updated. Please include the corrected email address. We will send the eCard to the right place. :) If you don't have an alternate email address, we can send the Sugarwish ...
    • Where can I ship a Sugarwish gift?

      Where can I ship a Sugarwish gift? You can send Sugarwishes all over the world!* Our pricing includes shipping to all US states and territories (such as Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.), as well as to US Military Bases. *Due to international shipping ...
    • Can I schedule my gift to send in the future?

      Yes! When you send any Sugarwish, you pick what date you want it to send. We will email you a notification on that day so you know the eCard is on the way.
    • Can I tell if my Sugarwish recipient got their treat?

      We will send you an email notification when your receiver makes selections. For the package, we will send the tracking information directly to your recipient once their Sugarwish ships. If you have a Corporate Account with Sugarwish, you can check ...
    • Sugarwish gift not delivered?

      If you have not received your Sugarwish gift, please use the below links to enter your tracking number to receive your estimated delivery date: **Please note, once shipped your Sugarwish should arrive within 3-7 business days.**  Orders shipping to ...