Sustainability: Sugarwish and Our Vendors

Sustainability: Sugarwish and Our Vendors

ALL Sugarwish cardboard packaging and PET plastic containers are fully recyclable. Popcorn containers are also made with 10% post consumer content.


  1. Art of Tea Sachets are made to be biodegradable. The bag is made from a corn derivative and is sealed with sound waves, not staples. Use your tea bags as compost by simply burying them in your garden.
  2. Teatulia sachets are biodegradable and they use regenerative farming to grow self-sustaining tea gardens. Teatulia is a Public Benefit Corporation which means they balance profits with social causes and environmental responsibility. (more info)
  3. Cusa Tea’s packaging is mostly all recyclable but the tea sticks are not yet. However they “terracycle” mass quantities if you want to send in a collection of the empty tea sleeves. (more info)


  1. Ampersand coffee uses certified organic farming practices that are sustainable and harmonious with the environment. Additionally the plantations are certified Smithsonian Bird Friendly, and participate in the Rainforest Alliance standards. (more info)
  2. Copper Door uses solar and wind energy to ensure their cafes and roastery are not contributing to the depletion of natural resources.
  3. Copper Cow sources high quality coffee directly from organic farmers in Vietnam. They use 100% natural ingredients and the coffee filters for the pour overs are compostable.
  4. Moonstruck Cocoa is roughly 85% fully recyclable packaging. They also try to source locally in the Pacific Northwest and through ethical programs like Cocoa Horizons which focuses on self-sustaining farming communities protecting nature and children. (more info)


  1. Woofables Gourmet dog biscuits are healthy and use human-grade ingredients. No preservatives, corn, soy or wheat. They give back to their community by supporting animal shelters, dog parks and charities.
  2. The Pound Bakery uses sustainable energy to bake their treats. Their massive solar installation is in the shape of a large dog bone and paw print :) and includes more than 4,300 solar panels. It produces enough energy to cover 100% of their manufacturing and distributing energy needs, plus offsets 1456 tons of annual greenhouse gasses. (more info)


  1. The Bouqs Co. sources directly from the farm, so flowers spend less time in transit. Less time and less handling = happy, longer-lasting flowers. They're also cut-to-bloom at the optimal time and arrive in bud form, so you can watch them blossom right before your eyes!
  2. The farms The Bouqs Co. works with have high standards and are certified by third parties like Rainforest Alliance and BloomCheck. Eco-friendly practices include recycling water, composting plant waste, and organic pest control practices. (more info)
  3. With the exception of the zip-tie and rubber band used to hold the flowers, all of The
  4. Bouqs Co.’s flower packaging is 100% recyclable.


  1. Simple Times Mixers use high quality glass that is 100% recyclable and can find a second life in your home, such as as a flower vase, food storage or the perfect bottle to brew sun tea.
  2. Simple Times Mixers use the whole fruit when crafting mixers to minimize waste. For example, they infuse their organic simple syrup with blood orange zest and send pineapple and citrus rinds to their distillery partners for fruit-infused spirits. (more info)
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