Pre-Pay and Save and Sugarwish Premium

Pre-Pay and Save and Sugarwish Premium

Pre-purchase Sugarwish credit and get bonus credit to spend on your gifts! The more you buy, the bigger your bonus, plus you get a FREE Sugarwish for every credit purchase.

What is Pre-Pay and Save?

Here’s How it Works:
  1. Credit can be used immediately.
  2. Bonus credit will be added to your account automatically at time of purchase. 
  3. Credits never expire and are non-refundable.
  4. All Credit purchases give access to 12 Months of Sugarwish Premium.

What is Sugarwish Premium?

Premium status is awarded to all customers that pre-purchase Sugarwish credits and are granted access to 12 Months of Sugarwish Premium where you’ll enjoy these perks valued at over $500:
  1. Seamlessly automate your gifting with API and Zapier App Access
  2. Personalize up to 6 custom eCards, adding a touch of your style ($240 value)
  3. Be the first to sample our all-new Sugarwish product offerings*
  4. Indulge in monthly savings with $10 off one order every month ($120 value)
  5. Receive a free gift on your birthday! ($46 value)
To Pre-Pay and save by purchasing credits, login in to and go to Your Account > Payments

*Some Sugarwish products may not be available to ship internationally (See: Where can I ship a Sugarwish gift?). If you received a sample for a product that cannot ship to your location, an alternate gift will be available. If you instead prefer a Sugarwish credit for the value of the sample, feel free to reach out to your dedicated Gift Concierge or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if I have multiple orders within the same month? Will I receive additional coupons and samples? 

Even with multiple orders or purchases of credits within the same month, the benefits related to coupons and samples remain tied to the Premium account status. Therefore, you will receive only one set of samples and one coupon each month per client.

What happens after 12 months of Sugarwish Premium? 

Every credit purchase you make will extend your Premium membership for 365 days from the day you made the purchase. Sugarwish Premium membership will not automatically renew unless you place additional credit purchases prior to the expiration date. 

If you have additional questions or would like assistance purchasing credits, reach out to your dedicated Gift Concierge and they'll be happy to assist you.

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