Saving Favorites

Saving Favorites

Send your favorite gifts in just a few clicks from your Corporate Account Happiness Dashboard!  See the video walkthrough below for details on this feature: 

Don’t have a corporate account and want to access these options?  Click here to sign up for free:
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      Sugarwish Corporate Accounts give companies the products and services they need to use gifting to enhance employee morale and customer acquisition and retention. You can sign up for a FREE account here: Sign Up for a Sugarwish Account The video below ...
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      Need to skip the eCard? Pre-Pick orders are Sugarwishes that you send to your sweet recipients, but YOU get to choose what arrives at their door. With a Sugarwish Corporate Account, you can now send Pre-Picks from your Happiness Dashboard. This means ...
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      Sugarwish eCards can now be sent instantly via SMS text message, just as easily as sending via email! To send a Sugarwish via SMS, after choosing the gift you’d like to send, select the “Email or Text” delivery option. From there, you’ll be prompted ...
    • How can I reset my password?

      If you are already logged in to your Sugarwish Corporate Account and would like to change your current password, simply access the "Account Settings" tab from your Happiness Dashboard. Then, from the "General Settings" section, click "Your Password". ...
    • Branding Options

      We offer numerous opportunities to add your brand to your Sugarwish gifts. View the video below to see an overview of the options and how to order: Interested in a Corporate Partnership with Sugarwish? Click here!