Make-A-Wish® Partnership

Make-A-Wish® Partnership

How the partnership works:

This partnership allows Sugarwishes to be donated to Make-A-Wish® to bring joy, hope and well deserved sweetness to wish kids throughout their journey.

Corporate customers now have the opportunity to allow their gift recipients to choose to donate their gift to Make-A-Wish.  They also have the option to automatically donate any gift that hasn’t been redeemed in 90 days to Make-A-Wish.  For more information please visit:

Can consumers (non corporate recipients) donate their gift to Make-A-Wish? 

Absolutely!  Simply and/or chat with us and we’ll make it happen.

How does a Sugarwish donation get to Make-A-Wish?

When a Sugarwish is donated to Make-a-Wish by a recipient we will automatically transfer the value of that gift to Make-a-Wish America’s Sugarwish account that can be used at their discretion. 

Is it possible to designate my gift/donation to a specific Make-A-Wish chapter?

While there is no way for you to designate a specific Make-A-Wish chapter, all 59 Make-A-Wish Regional chapters have opted in and have been designated Sugarwish credits.  This helps deliver on our ‘happiness mission’ to pay it forward with kindness to families during a time when they need it most.

Is it possible to donate any non redeemed gifts to Make-A-Wish? 

Yes! In fact any active gift not yet redeemed can be donated to Make-A-Wish. 

How do you donate?

For the Select gift: 

To get started, open the email for your Sugarwish gift and kindly follow the steps below:

1. Click "Choose Treats".

2. Find the "Make-a-Wish" icon from the product choices 

3. Then click the "Donate to Make-a-Wish" button.

For any specific product gift: 

To get started, open the email for your Sugarwish gift and kindly follow the steps below:

1. click "Choose Treats".

2. Scroll down and click on the "Make A Wish" icon.

3. Then click the "Donate to Make-A-Wish" button.

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