How can I reset my password?

How can I reset my password?

If you are already logged in to your Sugarwish Corporate Account and would like to change your current password, simply access the "Account Settings" tab from your Happiness Dashboard.  Then, from the "General Settings" section, click "Your Password". 

From there, you change your password. 
Note: Your current password is required to make this update.

If you have forgotten your current password, are not currently logged in to your Corporate Account, or you do not have a Corporate Account, you can visit and enter your email address to have a password reset email sent. 

Your new password should contain: 
  1. at least 1 uppercase letter
  2. at least 1 number
  3. at least 1 symbol
  4. minimum 8 characters

Don’t have a Corporate Account and want to create one?  Click here to sign up for free:

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