Do Sugarwish eCards expire?

Do Sugarwish eCards expire?

For Gift Senders:

By default, Sugarwish eCards are designed to never expire, ensuring recipients can redeem their gifts at their convenience.  However, if you're a gift sender logged into a corporate account*, you have the option to add an expiration date while creating your eCard order.

Here's how to set an expiration date:
  1. During the "Add Recipients" step of the eCard creation process, click the "Select Date" button.
  2. Choose an expiration date for your recipient's gift.

Please note the following when adding a Redemption expiration date to a Sugarwish gift: 
  1. You can set Sugarwish gifts to expire up to one year after placing your order.
  2. This is optional, and you will be able to add an expiration date later if you leave this blank now.
  3. We will follow-up with your gift recipients before the expiration date to remind them about your gift.
  4. If any gifts are not redeemed, and they expire, those gifts will be canceled and you will automatically receive credit on your account.
  5. There is a 10% processing fee for canceled gifts.

*Need to create an account, or upgrade your personal account to access corporate features? Click Here to Get Started

For Gift Recipients:

If you've received a Sugarwish eCard, your gift sender may have set a redemption expiration date. If your gift is nearing expiration, you'll receive an email notification three days before the expiration date, as well as on the expiration date itself. If unredeemed, your eCard will expire at midnight (11:59pm MST) on the specified date.

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