Corporate Account full walkthrough

Corporate Account full walkthrough

Sugarwish corporate accounts give companies the products and services they need to use gifting to enhance employee morale and customer acquisition and retention. You can signup for an account here: Signup for a Sugarwish Account

The video below walks you through all of the features of your corporate account so you can get the most out of Sugarwish.

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    • Can I tell if my Sugarwish recipient got their treat?

      We will send you an email notification when your receiver makes selections. For the package, we will send the tracking information directly to your recipient once their Sugarwish ships. If you have a Corporate Account with Sugarwish, you can check ...
    • Where can I ship a Sugarwish gift?

      We can ship Sugarwish boxes anywhere in the US! Our prices include shipping to all US states and territories (such as Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.), as well as to US Military Bases. Sugarwish Candy, Snacks, and Coffee & Tea gifts can be shipped to Canada. ...
    • I got a code for a Sugarwish. Now what?

      Hooray! We can't wait to send you the Sugarwish. Go to and enter your code to unlock the gift.
    • I lost my receipt. Where can I find it?

      We've got you covered! Click 'Contact Us' to request a new copy of your receipt. If you have a Corporate Account with us, please access your Purchase History tab by clicking on the Orders button in the Account Dashboard, which will allow you to ...
    • What if I don’t have their email address? Can I still send them a Sugarwish?

      Yes, you can-dy! No matter how you like to interact, we have a gift that will work for you! When you send an eCard, you can choose the delivery method. That way you can send via Email, Messaging, or Print. If you choose the Messaging option, we’ll ...