Corporate Account Full Walkthrough

Corporate Account Full Walkthrough

Sugarwish Corporate Accounts offer companies the tools they need to leverage gifting for boosting employee morale and driving customer acquisition and retention. Ready to explore the full potential of your Corporate Account Happiness Dashboard? Let's get started!

Signing Up for a FREE Account

If you don't have a Corporate Account yet, sign up today for FREE! Simply click here to begin your gifting journey: Sign Up for a Sugarwish Account

Video Walkthrough: Your Happiness Dashboard

Learn all the ins and outs of your Corporate Account's Happiness Dashboard through this comprehensive video guide. It covers everything you need to know to maximize the power of Sugarwish for your gifting needs.

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      If you are already logged in to your Sugarwish Corporate Account and would like to change your current password, simply access the "Account Settings" tab from your Happiness Dashboard. Then, from the "General Settings" section, click "Your Password". ...
    • Saving Favorites

      Sending the perfect gift has never been easier! With our handy "Favorites" feature, you can quickly resend your go-to gifts directly from your Corporate Account's Happiness Dashboard. Discover how this time-saving tool works in the video walkthrough ...
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      Looking for a more personalized gifting experience? Skip the eCard and create a memorable surprise with Pre-Picks! With your Sugarwish Corporate Account, you can now handpick the delightful treats that will be delivered straight to your recipient's ...