Cocktail Mixers

Cocktail Mixers

Cocktail Mixers

For those who want to experiment mixing their own cocktails, those who don’t drink, or anyone who doesn’t know what their recipient might like to drink - these cocktail mixers make a delicious gift!

Each mixer is made with all natural ingredients and fresh fruit that’s been cold pressed to maintain the fruit flavor.

Simple Times Mixers are versatile and can be paired with different spirits to create a twist on classic cocktails, or they are great additions to sparkling water when you need a refreshing drink.

**Mixers do not contain alcohol.

What types of Mixers are there to choose?

  1. Blueberry Basil Lemonade
  2. Blackberry Lemonade
  3. Strawberry Lemonade
  4. Cranberry Lemonade
  5. Pear Rosemary Mule
  6. Simple Margarita
  7. Pineapple Mule
  8. Raspberry Mule
  9. Spiced Cherry Mule
  10. Cranberry Apple Cider Mule
  11. Chai Apple Mule
*Mixer flavors are subject to current availability

Which sizes are available?

Small: Choice of 2 mixers
Medium: Choice of mixers
Large: Choice of 4 mixers
Extra Large: Choice of 6 mixers
Deluxe: Choice of 9 mixers
Grand: Choice of 12 mixers

Each Simple Times Mixer is 8oz.

Will recipients select which mixers they’d prefer?

Yes! Recipients will select their choices from the following categories:
  1. Mocktails
  2. Mules
  3. Seasonal Favorites
  4. Margaritas
  5. Daiquiris

How many cocktails can I make with each mixer?

Each mixer should allow you to make 2-4 cocktails, depending on the strength and size of each cocktail. 

I don't like my mixers, can I return my purchase?

We are so sorry to hear that.  Unfortunately, due to the product containing food, we cannot accept returns.


Where do you ship?

We currently ship Mixers all over the globe!  Shipping to the US is included in the price of the Sugarwish.  Want to view our shipping rates for international Sugarwishes? Click here: International Shipping

How will the mixers ship?

Mixers will ship via UPS and UPS SurePost
Standard Shipping included for US addresses
Expedited Options available at checkout

Is an adult signature required at delivery?

No. Since mixers do not contain alcohol, an adult signature is not required.

My shipment was damaged. What now?

Sorry to hear that!  Email us at with an image of the damaged product and we will be in touch.
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