Can you mix and match?

Can you mix and match?

Sugarwish product categories are packaged and fulfilled at separate locations, so the different categories cannot be mixed and matched to ship together.

Want to let your recipients get more than one category, like Candy AND Cookies? You can do this with our brand-new Stacked Sugarwish gift option! To access this new option, you need to sign in to a corporate account*.

After signing in, go to send a Custom Sugarwish. Choose a size and pick the product types for your recipient. Then click Stack It to add-on another gift. You can even choose a totally different size and product types for the second Sugarwish.

Your recipients get a single eCard. They will be able to choose two sets of favorites. Packages will be shipped separately.

*Need to create an account, or upgrade your personal account to access corporate features? Click Here to Get Started
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