Can I tell if my Sugarwish recipient got their treat?

Can I tell if my Sugarwish recipient got their treat?

We will send you an email notification when your receiver makes selections. For the package, we will send the tracking information directly to your recipient once their Sugarwish ships.

If you have a Corporate Account with Sugarwish, you can check your dashboard for details on your orders.
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      Hooray! We can't wait to send you the Sugarwish. Go to and enter your code to unlock the gift.
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      We here at Sugarwish are confident you are going to love your special treat! However, if you are unhappy with any product you received from us, or if an eCard you sent has not been redeemed, we will gladly offer a replacement or Sugarwish credit ...
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      Sure! - Here's how: ​ Step 1: Select your gift size and eCard on and click "Upload a recipient list"  Step 2: Open the Google Sheets template to help format your data Step 3: Add your data to the template Step 4: Paste the template data ...